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"Having been a client of Sue for a while I can highly recommend her counselling services. Sue is very calm and approachable. I felt I was in a safe space and was able to discuss all kinds of topics. Sue offered helpful guidance and understanding without judgement. It helps to find out where your issues stem from and Sue was able to explore this with me. My issues included bereavement, trauma and anxiety,  I was able to discuss them all. There was never any pressure to attend but I recommend seeing therapy through to its conclusion. As a result of therapy, I am now a more confident, calm person. The processes Sue has taught me will stay with me forever."  Thank you Sue. 
"I have spent my life living with a ranidaphobia that has impacted on all of my activities. I wasn't able to go into my own garden alone, I wouldn't walk my dog through fields, near lakes or woods out of fear of seeing a frog. I cancelled nights out if there was a frog on my doorstep. If I did see one, I would have a panic attack, strangers would have had to help me if I was alone. It limited my life for as long as I remember. Despite my scepticism, I have had hypnotherapy with Sue and thought nothing had happened until after a camping trip my partner had pointed out that I have not mentioned them once. I hiked through any terrain, swam in random lakes, and even saw one without any reaction. Sue has changed my life, I can't thank her enough."
"I have suffered since I can remember with a phobia of needles which included looking at one in person, on TV and having injections or bloods taken etc. I spoke about this with Sue and we set up sessions in advance of some surgery I was due to have which would involve blood tests and cannulation. The sessions were extremely relaxed and I felt very safe while going through the process. I was lucky enough to put it to the test very quickly and I was elated with seeing the results. I was calm, relaxed and not impacted by the experience negatively in any way and I know am able to happily go for these appointments! Hypnotherapy worked for me! Thank you."

"Having suffered from lack of self-confidence and anxiety for as long as I can remember getting a new role within my organisation and having to undertake a number of training courses was my trigger for seeking help.  

I was put in touch with Sue and after an initial consultation a course of integrative counselling / brief solution focused hypnotherapy was suggested.  

I have never felt comfortable in a group setting or with people I didn't already know, but since working with Sue I have gone onto complete Training courses involving some intensive role playing without any anxiety that previously resulted in me avoiding social situations and training courses at all costs.  Sue has taught me to look for the positives and to feel more comfortable in the company of others.  I am continuing to build upon my new found confidence but wouldn't have been able to do it without Sue's help.  Thank you"

"I had such a wonderful experience working with Sue. I struggled for many years, due to severe anxiety issues I developed whilst driving. After one session, I was able to feel more comfortable behind the wheel and spend quality time with my family. I've been blown away by the results, and very grateful to have found Sue."

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